Managing your business just got easier

Software Solution designed after consulting local businesses. A web based solution for managing work and scheduling jobs. Tracking expenses through purchase orders and a dashboard that helps you stay on top.

Mobile Apps for Managers and contractors designed for non-tech savvy professionals. No training required!


We bring your the custom application development services


Hire Custom Application Developers

We are a leading custom application development services provider in Toronto, Canada. We can help build you a mobile application or custom software development team with flexible hiring models.


Why choose us for custom application development?

We have helped small business owners and startups like you!

On-Demand Developers with a Rich Skill-Set


Project laid out in milestones for easy incorporation of feedback. Multiple revisions allowed for screen designs. All projects backed by a 3 month warranty.


Highly trained professionals in all modern day programming languages. Virtual and Augmented reality, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Timeline Delivery

Project Manager assigned to each project. Transparent communication on project dependencies and external blockers.Risks communicated on time with mitigation plans.

Development team

Team structure of designers, software and database architects, subject matter experts, software developers and Testers.

On Demand

Hiring models to support slow or fast paced work. Part time and full time custom application developers. Available to support only the design or testing phase as well.


Custom application development lifecycle

Decompose Business requirement

It all starts with understanding your business objective, your vision and mission. Our team then decomposes the objective into software features. Each software feature is analyzed for dependencies and technology implications and broken down further into sub-system requirements. Final deliverable is a software requirements specification (SRS), it is discussed alongside your business objective to validate the requirements.

Architect a solution

Our design team now digests your branding and core value that your product or offering adds. Alongside the requirements, they churn out screen designs. Multiple revisions allowed on screen designs to allow your feedback incorporation. FInal deliverable is screen layout or call it wireframes in Adobe XD. Here the user experience is validated if it meets the requirements.

Engineer the vision

Now it is the turn of our software development team to show some magic. Screens are built, functionality added incrementally. Software builds are shared periodically for feedback, any challenges and risks are communicated by the project manager. Final deliverable is a build either for your desktop, or the apk for Android and api for iOS.

Quality assured product

Our quality assurance team verifies the final product across platforms. Do regression testing and verify performance lives up to the expectations. A bug list is maintained and periodically updated on status and shared with the client. After all, a leader in custom application development services cannot let quality take a back seat.

Future proof your business

Now that your software product is quality approved and ready for deployment, we make sure the process goes smoothly. We assist in selecting the right server for the needs. Once the software is live, it is time to reap benefits. Measure your success with the right metrics of ROI, increased customer satisfaction or increased employee retention or growing user base.

Don’t let go the advantage

Now that you have an edge over the market with a software product. Use it to your advantage, and let's not forget that this might have been the minimum viable product that you would have deployed. Product roadmap has a set of features that are waiting to be implmented. Get timely user feedback and figure out a plan while we make sure your software is maintained bug free and optimized to perform faster.


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