10 Trending and Cool Mobile App Ideas
Editorial Staff March 11 2023

10 Trending and Cool Mobile App Ideas

Techware Hut has compiled a list of top 10 cool mobile app ideas that are expected to be trendsetters in 2024.

Number of mobile app users has been increasing over the years. Total volume of consumer spend on mobile apps has increased from $32.4 billion USD in Q3 of 2022 to $68.7 billion USD in Q4 of 2022 according to Statista. Total spend in 2022 is approximately $167 billion USD.

Now with easy introduction of AI using Open AI, there is a revolution coming. Without any further delay, let’s start the list of trending mobile App Ideas.

Virtual Personal Styling Mobile App Ideas

An app that uses AI and virtual reality technology to allow users to try on clothes and accessories before making a purchase. Users can create a virtual wardrobe, mix and match items, and receive personalized styling recommendations.

Smart Garden Mobile App Ideas

An app that helps users create and maintain a garden, providing personalized plant recommendations based on the user’s location, climate, and gardening experience. The app can also track the growth and health of plants, and send reminders for watering and fertilizing.

Mental Health App

An app that uses AI and machine learning to provide personalized mental health support, including mood tracking, journaling, and therapy sessions. The app can also connect users with licensed therapists and counselors for additional support. Post COVID, awareness around mental health has grown. Lack of nuclear families and socializing has contributed to growing cases of depression.

Language Learning App

An app that uses AI and speech recognition technology to help users learn a new language, with personalized lesson plans and conversation practice with native speakers. Who would not love to learn another language especially when it is made easier through AI. There is a growing trend on YouTube to surprise locals when traveling and order food in their local language.

Medication Reminder Mobile App Ideas

An app that helps users keep track of their medication schedule and dosage, with reminders and alerts for refilling prescriptions and scheduling doctor appointments. Medication sucks but what sucks more is if you cannot keep up on schedule. 

Virtual Travel App

An app that uses virtual reality technology to allow users to explore and experience different destinations around the world, from the comfort of their own home. Well, not my personal favorite but travel companies can use this as a huge advantage to sell packages and mesmerize customers.

Personal Financial Management Mobile App Ideas

An app that helps users budget and save money, with personalized financial advice and investment recommendations. The app can also connect users with financial advisors for additional support. Ever increasing inflation has an unparalleled demand of better financial management.

Exercise Tracker Mobile App

An app that tracks and records a user’s fitness progress, with personalized workout plans and the ability to connect with personal trainers. The app can also suggest healthy food options to complement the workout plans. There are many apps in this space so you will need a unique offering for your mobile app ideas to stand out.

Social Media Platform for Artists

An app that connects artists of all mediums with one another, allowing them to share their work and receive feedback. The app also provide a platform for artists to sell their work, and for art collectors to discover and purchase new pieces.

Eco-Friendly Mobile App

An app that helps users reduce their carbon footprint, with personalized suggestions for sustainable living, such as reducing energy consumption, recycling, and using public transportation. The app can also track the user’s progress and provide rewards for meeting eco-friendly goals.

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