Frequently Asked Questions

One of our representatives will call you to ask for a preferred time to talk more about your mobile app requirements. Some simple questions on which platform do you need it for? Android, iOS or Windows? If you need a web portal as well? What features are right at the top of your list? We will gather your requirements and possibly give you a rough estimate right in the same call. Our technical team will do a detailed analysis and build on your requirements. We will recommend the right technology to meet those requirements. A contract will be put in place for our mutual interests that outline the scope and effort estimate.

We need your time. Please spare some time to help us gather your requirements. If you already have a rough sketch then that’s a head start. Send it our way, do not hesitate to ask for an NDA to be signed.

Absolutely, our design team will help you build a brand. Often mistaken, a brand is not just a logo. It is important to understand your Vision, mission and values. Our design will then reflect the same.

We know it all because we have seen it all! We know what works best for which target audience. Let’s have a short conversation about your business plan and watch us add the missing pieces in the puzzle. We can guide you in selecting the right monetizing method and suggest the app analytics that interests investors.

Simply put, agile and waterfall. If the requirements are well understood then the waterfall method is prominently used. We start out first deep diving requirements, followed by wireframes and screen design, app development and deployment to AppStore or Google play store. Agile is used when exploring into a new territory or client asks for a prototype or proof of concept delivery. Our scrum teams break down the business requirement and develop mobile app features incrementally.

Well the answer always is ‘depends’! What features you are looking to get developed drives the cost. Something very basic can cost you roughly $10K, while complex requirements need database design, web service implemented and a backend to control various aspects of mobile apps. All the details are captured in the contract, so as to avoid any discrepancy in scope and effort estimate.

Let’s not forget, we are a leading mobile app development Toronto. Rest assured, you will get an end to end solution starting with wireframes, screen designs, visual elements, app development, troubleshooting, hosting and maintenance.